Buttock enlargement machine XXL cup breast enhancement massager butt lift vacuum therapy machine VB045


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Buttock enlargement machine XXL cup breast enhancement massager butt lift vacuum therapy machine

Product Parameter
Product name Micro-current Vacuum Breast & Butt Lift Machine
Technology Vacuum, Micro-current, Vibration, Red LED
Type Desktop
Cup quantity 24 cups + 3 metal heads
Input voltage AC110V-220V
Output voltage 12V
Output current 3A
Power 36W
Vibration intensity 10 levels
Micro-current 10 levels
Vacuum suction 10 levels
Vacuum release 10 levels
Working time 0-30min
Material ABS, PC, hardware
Host size 17*15.5*11.5*8.5cm
Package size 59*26.5*18.5cm
Weight 4.5kg

Working Principle
1. Vacuum cupping: Automatic suction and release, with cups of different sizes to perform physical massage, dredge meridians and promote blood circulation, reduce sagging, enhance elasticity, firmness and roundness of breasts and hips, reduce fat and relax muscles by scraping and cupping.
2. Micro-current: Low-frequency bio-current can stimulate breast growth, provide better nutrients and increase elasticity.
3. Vibration: Promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism, enhance cell viability.
4. LED red light: Improve local micro-circulation, relieve pain and eliminate lumps.

Product Features
1. 4 technologies in breast / butt cups —— vacuum cupping, vibration, micro-current, LED red light.
2. 24 cups + 3 metal heads —— of different sizes for different functions.
3. 18cm XL cups —— for buttock lifting and enlarging.
4. 10 intensity levels —— for vibration, micro-current, vacuum suction and release.
5. Strong suction —— for efficient and effective results.
6. Adjustable intensity and time —— for different individual needs.
7. Multifunctional —— breast and butt lift, cupping and scraping, etc.
8. Small host —— cost-saving, convenient to use.

Main Functions
Breast enlarging
Buttock lifting
Body slimming & shaping
Cupping & scraping
Ovary care
Lymphatic detox
Fatigue relieving
Skin tightening
Disease prevention