CE Approved Aesthetic Cellulite Reduction Cavitation Ultrasonic Machine GS8.2E


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Vacuum supersonic fat-explosion machine can promote tissue metabolism, repel the cellulite, tighten the skin, strengthenthe skin elasticity and so on.
Its effect will last for a long time. At themeanwhile, it can enhance the muscle elasticity and improve the cell metabolism.

Supersonic wave create an effect likeinternal explosion. It means that the expansion and compression of wave producea lot of tiny space inside the liquid.
The gas and vapour exist in these tinyspace. In the compression cycle, supersonic wave impose a positive pressure onliquid molecule, whereas a negative pressure will be created through theexpansion cycle.

There is a cohesion effect inside the liquid or biologicaltissues. Inside the low-density lipocyte, the cohesive effects are comparativelyweak. A negative pressure, which is relative low, can create tissue gaps easily. It is called as Cavitations in physics.
The explosion effects inside andoutside the cells will increase the molecular movements, so as to achieve anhigh energy state, then lead to the lipocyte cracking. It will give you slimming body!

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1mhz supersonic ultracavitation portable gs8.2e for belly fat removal

Strong sound waves produce a liquid on the effects of implosion, that is the wave of expansion and compression so that the liquid in the formation of a large number of micro-gap, the gap for gas and steam in the compression cycle of ultrasonic liquid molecules have a positive effect, and in the expansion cycle have a negative effect then. In biological tissue or fluid in both the existence of cohesion in he low density of fat cells, molecular bonding will be weak, strong sound waves generated by low to negative pressure gap arising from the organization, physically known as the “hole phenomenon.” Cells inside and outside the implosion of the micro-gap caused by movement will be strengthened to achieve a high level so that finally led to the breakdown of fat cells GS8.2E cavity strong sound wave fat blasting instrument smashed the stubborn cellulite and dissolved the deep fat, to help discharge the excess water and toxins in the body, in order to dredge the meridian, thin slimming, tightening the skin, detoxification health care.

1. Mightily cracking the cellulite, remove the fatness.
It uses the strong ultrasonic head to shoot 40,000Hz ultrasonic, after entering the body, will make the fatty cells produce mighty cracking effect and fatty cells friction, effectively exhaust the heat energy, exhaust cells water, let fatty cells shrinking. Moreover, when the ultrasonic vibrates, there will bring mighty impaction among cells, fatty cells will be less, so get effect of fatness removal.
2. Dissolve the fatness, do lymph drainage, skin tightening, enhance skin elasticity.
It takes the most advanced RF technique and energy, directly penetrate into deep-seated cellulite. With targeted oriented RF output, it makes the fatty cells in quick active state, produces heat friction, higher the partial temperature. Through the sweat gland, liver sausage circulation and lymph, exhaust the redundant fatness and toxins out of the body, so get the effect of cellulite dissolving.
3. Ultrasonic utilizes sonic vibrations.
It works 1-3 million times per second. The ultrasonic wave could stimulate skin tissue and improve permeability of the membrane to promoted collagen tissue, reduced wrinkle and invisible appeared fine line, also lift the skin result for younger and healthy look. Ultrasonic generate frictional heat which accelerate blood circulation, muscle relaxation, and decompose the cellulite to bread down exceed fat. This machine utilizes sonic vibrations to reduce lines, leaving the skin firm and smooth.

Applied range
1. Promote tissue metabolism.
2. Tighten skin and enhance skin elasticity.
3. Fat dissolving
4. Body shaping
5. Cellulite reduction
6. Weight loss

1. Eliminate surplus fat and shape body;
2. M80( 40kHz) explode fat or fat-soluble therapeutic head;
3. M50(1MHz)explode fat therapeutic head;

Handle: 3 handles
Output Power: 0.5-25W/cm2
Frequency: 100kHz/40kHz
Gross weight: 10kg
Dimension: 43X44X53cm
Voltage: AC110V, AC220V

Technical advantages
1. Adopt the top ultrasonic technique in the world.
2. Suitable for all kinds of skin.
3. Comfortable, painless, woundless during the treatemnt.
4. Easy operation, easy study.
5. Non- exhaustion, low cost investment and quick high returns.

1. Free operation, . non-anaesthetic.
2. No ruggedness.
3. No bleeding, tumidness and bruise.
4. No side effects, good effects, no rebounding phenomenon.
5. Woundless, will not influence the nomal working and living.


Model GS8.2E 
Type Cavitation fat 
Operation System Ultrasonic 
Feature Wrinkle remove,dissolve fat. 
Input AC100V~110V 50/60HZ   AC220V~230V 50/60HZ 
Power  75VA
N.W. 8Kg 
Size(cm)  33.2*26*17.5
Packaging Size(cm) 35*40*42(carton) 
Arranty 1 year free guarantee and lifetime technical support


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