EMS Body Slimming Machine | 10 Pairs of Body Electrode Pads


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Product parameter
Product name EMS Body Massaging & Slimming Machine
Model number VBSC537
Technology EMS
Type Desktop
Panel color Blue
Rated voltage 110V-240V
Rated frequency 50Hz-60Hz
Rated power ≦40W
Working current ≦50MA
Pulse output 10 channels
Max time 90min
Pulse waveform 5 modes
Pulse frequency 25-800Hz/s
Pulse power 0~270 angles adjustable
Pulse speed 3 levels optional
Shrink time 0.1~5s
Loose time 0.1~5s
Body electrode pad 10 pairs
Breast electrode pad 1 pair
Material ABS
Product size 40*27*13cm
Package size 46*32*21cm
NW / GW 5.5kg / 6.5kg

EMS: By creating electronic pulse to stimulate special points all over the body, thus effectively promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, remove lymphatic toxin, exercise muscles, relieve various of body pain, help lose weight, tighten skin and enhance breasts, bringing you a charming and healthy body.

1. 10 pairs of body electrode pads —— on multiple body parts at the same time.
2. Special breast electrodes —— for breast beauty and care, breast disease prevention.
3. Multifunctional —— body slimming, breast care, pain and fatigue relief, etc.
4. 5 modes of pulse wave —— thin, thick, dilatational, up and down, circulation.
5. 3 speed levels —— optional for different individual needs.
6. Multi-applicable sites —— neck, shoulders, arms, legs, waist, hips, etc.
7. Quick & remarkable effects —— 1-8kg weight loss, 2-9cm waistline reduced, 1-3cm breast enlarged after one treatment course of 10-20 days.

Body electrode pad *10 pairs
Breast electrode pad *1 pair
Elastic bandage *10pcs
Electrode lead *10pcs

Body slimming
Breast beautifying
Muscle tightening
Pain alleviation
Fatigue relief
Postpartum care
Disease prevention