ES-9090 Needless Mesotherapy Beauty Machine China Beauty Salon Equipment

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Product Name Needle Free Mesotherapy beauty facial equipment
Model No. ES-9090
Function Uitrasonic
Cool Treatment
Effct Face & Body
Power plug Customize
Power 60W
Voltage 110V-220V
Carton Size 55*42*25cm

Needle-free injection is a kind of high-effective, woundless and safe treatment. It uses a pulsed low frequency electric current to deliver active ingredients into the skin. By electrophoresis technique, it can easily break the layer and open the entrance of cells membrane to promote absorption, completely taking place of the traditional needle injection which may cause pain and wound, reaching an absorption effect 2000 times more than it by normal operations.

The technique is iontophoresis, which has now been used by medics as a non-invasive drug delivery method for medication since the 1960s. It no longer used a continuous wave of galvanic current but modulated it into impulses. This lowered the incidence of burns whilst disappointingly also lowering the amount of active ingredients which could be carried, but as the wave frequency was not altered the levels of skin penetration remained very much the same as with ionophoresis.

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110V, 220V


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