Facial galvanic beauty Dr.Nano Meter no needle mesotherapy VB155


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Product Parameter
Product name 4 in 1 RF Micro-Current Facial Beauty Machine
Technology Bipole RF, Cold hammer, Micro-needling, Micro-current, LED light therapy
Type Plug-in
Voltage AC110V / 220V
Handle quantity 4pcs
Power 100W
RF frequency 1MHz
RF power 19W maximum
Micro-current frequency 1MHz
LED light Blue, Green
Cooling 5℃-10℃
Cooling power 12W maximum
Needle length 0.25-2.0mm
Needle Nano silicon needles
Package size 52*40*23cm
Gross weight 8kg

Working Principle
1. Bipole RF: 1MHz RF penetrates deep skin and generates heat to accelerate collagen contraction and regeneration to lift and tighten skin, remove wrinkles.
2. Micro-needling: High-frequency vibration of nano soft silicon needles opens up pores to help skin absorb the nutrient of skin care products much faster and better.
3. Cold hammer + Green LED: Calm skin, shrink pores, reduce swelling and redness, prevent allergy, lock in moisture and nutrient.
4. Micro-current + Blue LED: Promote the synthesis of ATP, muscle fiber and collagen, blood circulation and lymphatic detox to firm and soften skin, reduce wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, reduce inflammation.

Product Features
1. 5 technologies —— Bipole RF, Cold hammer, Micro-needling, Micro-current, LED light therapy.
2. 4 operating handles —— of different technologies for different functions.
3. 2 replaceable RF heads —— one for eye area, the other for face and neck.
4. Blue & Green LED —— separately combined with cold hammer and micro-current handle.
5. 5℃-10℃ cooling —— calm skin, reduce swelling and redness, prevent allergy.
Derma Pen

Derma Pen
1. Nano silicon needles —— comfortable treatment with no pain, no bleeding.
2. High-frequency vibration —— improve moisture and nutrient absorption.
3. 0.25-2.0mm needle length —— adjustable for different individual needs.

Main Functions
Eye Area
Lift droopy eyelids
Remove eye pouch
Remove crow’s feet
Remove dark circles
Face & Neck
Tighten skin
Shrink pores
Moisturize skin
Remove neck lines
Increase skin elasticity
Remove nasolabial folds
Reduce forehead wrinkles
Improve nutrient absorption
Reduce swelling and redness