Handheld electrotherapy skin care galvanic wand high frequency facial machine VB640B

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Product parameter
Product name Handheld electrotherapy skin care galvanic wand high frequency facial machine
Voltage 110V/220V
Frequency 50-60Hz
High frequency vibration 220 million per second
Power 30W
Hand piece material ABS plastic
Tube 7pcs
Light color orange
Tube material glass
Gross weight 1.2kg
Packing size 38*21*6cm

Main function
1. Sterilize skin.
2. Improve acne.
3. Improve hair growth.
4. Anti-aging.
5. Remove wrinkle.
6. Promote blood circulation.
7. Help wound to heal.

Treatment method
1. Indirect method
Screw glass tube in hand piece.
Client hold glass tube.(with talcum powder in hand)
Turn on machine.( electricity will get through from hands to whole body)
Beautician do massage on client.
2. Direct method
Apply essence/cream on face.
Beautician hold the metal bar to put glass tube on client’s face.
Turn on machine.
3. Sparkle method
Cover client’s eyes with wet cloth patch.
Touch face with glass tube.

Note: when turn off, please adjust the intensity to “0”.

1. 7 different tubes available.
2. Small machine with multiple function.
3. Economic.
4. Glass tube has orange light.

Attention matters
1. We advice that apply to the face or body 3 times a week.
2. Switch on the power, and adjust the density to suitable degree.
3. Skin with freckle and splash is unfit for this treatment.
4. Please make sure that the glass tube installed into hand piece.
5. Do not place on one part over 10 seconds.
6. For sensitive skin, please cover a piece of voile to avoid the excess stimulation.
7. Do not expose intensely under the sun in one month.
8. Do not tear away the scab, must let it fall off to avoid infections and scars.
9. After the usage, it is recommended the client not to wet the operated surface within 22 hours, do not eat ginger and anything with dark color.
10. When using, do not stab in, and only for recommended duration to avoid burns on the dermis.
11. Pregnant woman and people with pacemaker are unfit for this treatment.