Home Use RF Machine | Anti-aging 360 Rotary Radio Frequency For Skin Tightening

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Home use rf machine anti-aging 360 rotary radio frequency for skin tightening

Product parameter
Product name Homeuse RF skin tightening machine with 360 rotative head
Rated voltage 100-240V
Rated power 18W
Frequency 1800KHz
Technology RF
Style portable
Function skin tightening

This device, with innovative patented 360 rotary treatment head and 1800KHz high-frequency, transports heat to the subcutaneous layer by high-frequency current together with far-infrared repair. Help enhance skin metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, heat up the dermis, make collagen growth, smooth wrinkles.

1. Clean treatment area(face, neck or body).
2. Smear RF or face cream.
3. Connect adapter and power on.
4. Press RF button.
(each press will follow: on/off, on-low-medium-high)
5. Press rotation button.
(each press will follow: forward-reverse-stop)
6. Massage head touch skin correctly, LED lights will turn red.
7. After treatment, rub and clean remaining cream.
8. Do the skin care.

Note: medium level for face, high for body.
Each treatment is set to be 20 minutes.
Use 2-3 times per week.

1. Firm skin.
2. Tighten skin.
3. Reduce wrinkle.
4. Improve skin elasticity.
5. Anti-aging.
6. Skin rejuvenation.
7. Create V-shape face.

1. Non-invasive.
2. Easy to operate.
3. Comfortable massage.
4. Level selecting.
5. Head rotation.
RF + Red LED


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