IM-1002D Multifunctional Instrument, High-Frequency, Ultrasonic, Spray, Vacuum, Brush, Remove Spot, Galvanic

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1. Accelerate the blood circulation.
2. Stimulate the glandular activity.
3. Help the skin for excretion and absorption.
4. Promote metabolism.
5. Kill bacteria.
6. Generate heat energy inside the skin tissue.
7. Help beauty cream penetrate into deep skin.

Ultrasonic waves whose frequency is more than 2,000,000HZ, is a variety of sound vibration without being able to be perceived by common sense of hearing.
1. Soften thrombus.
2. Remove the scars after the acne is treated.
3. Remove the abnormal skin color.
4. Decompose abnormal pigment and remove flecks under skin.
5. Prevent, remove facial wrinkles and blood stasis.
6. Remove “eye-sack” and “black eye-rim”.
7. Soften nodule and cure acne.
8. Cure the nodule and the parchment.
9. Regularly massage the facial skin and improve its quality.

Vacuum:Use the small glass vacuum pipe to vacuum the black-head, white-head, acne, blain, dirt and grease etc.
Spray:Use the spray bottle to spray the make-up water, antipyretic or shrink lotion to diminish inflammation,
comfort and nourish the skin.
Herbs and fragrance facial steamer


It utilizes circumrotation of brush to massage, deep clean the skin and wipe off corneum, which obtain improving skin quality, stimulating blood circle and removing fatigue. Moreover, its rhythm of massage can gain elasticity of skin and smooth skin.

Breast patter


Indications of Color:
1. White with cyan: Healthy skin
2. Yellow with cyan: Greasy skin
3. Purple with cyan: Dry skin
4. Dark purple: Highly dry skin, Dehydrated Skin
5. Orange: Acne greasy skin
6. Light yellow: Acne fester skin
7. Brown and dark brown: Pigmentation skin
8. Purple: Sensitive skin
9. White fluorescence: Thick Corneum Skin
Remove spot

Frequency: 50HZ~60HZ
Carton size: 105*47*50cm
Gross weight: 32kg

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110V, 220V


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