K-121 Fashionable portable diamond peel microdermabrasion machine

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Fashionable portable diamond peel microdermabrasion machine

Product parameter
Product name Portable diamond peel microdermabrasion machine
Rated voltage 100-240V
Color white
Adapter 12V, 3A
Vacuum value 0.8kg
Keyword diamond dermabrasion
Style portable

Working principle
The diamond dermabrasion device uses a patented diamond micro-carving tube combined with diamond head with different thickness diamond particles. By rubbing back and forth with vacuum suction control strength, the epidermis skin is slightly worn off, is a non-invasive, physical shallow microdermabrasion. The damaged and aged cells are automatically detached, then the cells from damaged skin no longer adhere to the surface. At the same time, by stimulating the skin growth layer to absorb oxygen and promote blood circulation, accelerate skin tissue development, promote collagen growth. Combined with appropriate skin care method, make the skin become soft, fresh and natural, full of elastic, luster and vitality, make you more beautiful and charming.

1. All kinds of skin is available.
2. Sensitive skin can use.
3. Physical method, no side effect and safe.
4. Different size diamond head.

1. Improve skin quality.
2. Improve aged cutin and coarse skin.
3. Fade out spot.
4. Shrink pores
5. Promote blood circulation and lymph circulation.
6. Promote metabolism.
7. Skin deep cleaning.
8. Remove wrinkles.


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