NV-939 New Skin Machine Auto Micro-needle Therapy System Machine

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Microneedle skin derma roller needle roller system much more safe and excellent effect on piercing into skin by numerous needles automatically. So superior effect on collagen and elastin rejuvenation, direct EGF supply in deeper layer of skin without a epidermal damage.Its Vibrating function excellently increases the effectiveness of treatment by increasing absorption of products, on the other hand reduces pain & discomfort.

With speed of 6,000 stamps per minute, over 72,000 micro-holes would be created on skin. The beauty products or solutions speedly penetrate into the skin, cells of dermis fast get revitalized, so as to achieve results of wrinkle removal, skin whitening, skin lifting, skin tightening etc.

– Adjustable needle’s depth
– Have a Ampoules to contain the solution
– No cross infection, using disposable needles
– Speedy more than manual MTS
– Much less pain due to vertical high speed
– Light weighed hand-piece
– Easier operation for narrow and curved area
– Lower prices of consumables

Application :
– Skin tightening, Lifting, Rejuvenation
– Cure acne scar & wound healing
– Improve wrinkles and fine lines
– Minimizing pole sizes
– Improving stretch mark
– Treating alopecia.

Speed: 1-10 levels
Needle length: 0.5mm(default) 1.0mm or 1.5mm
Each shoot is counted (counter could be cleared and reset)
Voltage: 100V-120V, 220V-240V.
Power:45 Watt

Packaging Details :
Approx. Measurement: 30X26X36CM
Approx. Gross Weight:3.5KG


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