Professional Hair Scalp Analyzer Spa Machine Hair Growth Treatment Machine VBH602

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Professional Hair Scalp Analyzer Spa Machine Hair Growth Treatment Machine

The anti-detogenic hair SPA care instrument is a comprehensive instrument integrating all the functions required by hair care. Integrated state of the art device which embodies all the functions a necessary for scalp,hair -loss, makes it possible to perform all the procedures of scalp, hair-loss.

Hair Analyzer( 200X )
The detection head adopts high-definition microscopic image synthesis technology, which can detect the nature of hair and daily problems in high-definition, such as clogged hair follicles and excessive oil secretion, and can grasp the problems of scalp and hair at any time.

LED Light Therapy With Micro-current
Certain wavelengths of light whether laser or LED, are absorbed into the outer layer of skin where yourhair follicles reside. The light creates ATP (cellular energy), which strengthens both the cells and the surrounding area creating a perfect scenario for hair growth.
Micro-current hair restoration treatment increases blood flow 38%, thus hair loss is brought to a stop quickly, and with the nourishment of the follicles, properly resumed hair will grow normally.
To improve the synthesis of collagen, strengthen the elasticity of the scalp. Tighten strengthen scalp muscle elasticity, clear toxin metabolism and entrapped liquid of scalp, eliminate fatigue,restore scalp heal.

High Frequency Hair Treatment
The high frequency comb producing a high frequency current that ionizes the gas and effectively stimulates the blood circulation, reduces folliculitis, regulates oil secretion and eliminates microorganisms. And producing ozone gas that effectively anti inflammation of scalp, accelerate wound healing. Good for hair loss and hair regrowth treatment and great results in nourishing the hair.

Oxygen Spray Gun
Give scalp a deep moisturizing and increase water content of scalp; Promote skin cells regeneration, promote the healing of hair follicle holes, increase the oxygen in the scalp, activate hair follicles ; Promote the regeneration of the skin collagen and elastin, soothe sensitive, relieve swelling and inflammation of the scalp phenomenon; Supplement energy, improve micro circulation and scalp respiratory system, improve containing oxygen and the metabolism of hair follicles.

BIO Scalp Treatment
Microcurrent effectively activates cells to accelerate the blood circulation of the scalp, promotes metabolism, dredges the meridians, stimulates the scalp by micro-electric massage, stimulates the vitality of hair follicles, locates and quantifies a variety of nutrients directly to deep cells, proper head massage It helps to improve blood microcirculation, optimize the hair growth environment, and promote the absorption of oxygen and energy by the scalp, thereby achieving the purpose of hair care.
The micro current keeps the meridians and acupoints in a smooth state through repeated and large-area stimulation of the meridians and acupoints of the head, which can effectively promote blood circulation and relieve pain, thereby achieving the preventive effect. It has a beneficial effect on metabolism, regulating the nervous system and improving blood circulation.

Ultrasonic Physiotherapy
①Mechanical effect: 1 million mechanical vibrations per second, make every part of the affected part vibrate, play a unique cell massage effect, improve the metabolic function of scalp cells, enhance the vitality of scalp cells, promote blood circulation, and improve Scalp tissue nutrition makes the scalp firm and elastic.
②The warming effect: The warming effect of the instrument can make blood circulation vigorous by causing changes in vascular function and metabolic process, and reduce the excitability of scalp cells, and produce analgesic effect. It relaxes spasm skin and has anti-spasm effect
③Chemical action: This instrument has the function of strengthening catalysis and accelerating metabolism. The ph value can be changed to alkaline. Facilitate product penetration and improve product sterilization ability.
①. Make scalp cells move, enhance absorption and accelerate diffusion when the product is introduced.
②. Introduce products to increase the penetration rate from about 10% to more than 60%.
③. Improve microcirculation, inhibit varicose blood vessels, improve dry scalp and aging lines, and detoxify.

Anti-dandruff, anti-itch, moisturizing
Repair damaged scalp and hair
Improve oily and sticky scalp and hair odor
Hair detection, hair care, hair care, hair health, hair loss prevention