V500 RF needle fractional skin tightening instrument, Fractional RF Face Lift Beauty System

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Plastic Megiddo treatment lies in energy – the RF energy is concentrated, thus opening the body’s own update process. Same with many intelligent technologies, the process is relatively simple – the heat treatment of deep tissue and cooling effect Biding, thus protecting the skin surface and is more comfortable to the patient experience. Even so, still remember, the patient’s condition is different, so you may want to consult your doctor.

Unique Net Sectional Type RF,the net energy emits into dermis and grid makes radio frequency equably go into the cell.This avoids part burn caused by uneven energy,and net sectional RF can do treatment with square shape paper to care every inch of the skin,so as to stimulate collagen regeneration completely.The treatment can achieve the best effect of dermis and subcutaneous tissue tightening and outstanding outline shaping.

Application Scope
Application to the symptoms V-shaped face moulding, sores, scars, large pore, sagging skin, skin edema, skin orange
Safe – Thermal safely testing and refrigerant system that allows the treatment safer.
Comfort – Thermal comfort response in accordance with multi-back therapy, treatment and comfortable.
Effective – Effective immediately see the effect of skin firming collagen newborn restructuring.
Continue – Sustained effect continuous improvement, so you naturally becomes younger.

Long-term effects: newborn with recombianant collagen regeneration of collagen over time, restructuring, continued firming skin effect and therefore more durable.

Now the role of : collagen tightening heat
1. due to heat shrinkage dermis compact effects
2. subcutaneous layer Fibrous Septae heat tightened, so that the outline of immediate tightening, improve relaxation.
It becomes reticular energy to transfer into the dermis from the epidermis, the grid to sectional RF energy is evenly distributed to the skin tnto the cell layer, to avoid the local burn caused by uneven energy, with mesh segmentation combined with square shape on surface energy, ensure that take care of every inch of the skin, so as to fully and comprehensively stimulate collagen regeneration, make the dermis to maximize firming effevt, and tighten the subcutaneous tissue, shape contour.


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