0.8cm 1.3cm HIFU Liposonix Extension For HIFU Machines

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0.8cm 1.3cm HIFU Extension for HIFU Machines, US$120 per unit with free shipping included, US$240 for both in total.

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Lipo is the use of different depths (0.6cm, 0.8cm, 1.0cm, 1.3cm, 1.6cm) of body probes, through the use of focused ultrasound into 65 ~ 70 degrees of thermal energy to break down the dissolved fat cells, intelligent positioning system to locate the desired fat cells, fast breaking down and dissolve large particles of fat cells, reduce the amount of fat while stimulating collagen contraction and growth. It is also effective in rapidly filling in the gaps created by the ablated fat, leaving the surface of the skin lean and wrinkle-free without causing damage to the epidermis, blood vessels, nerves or muscle tissue. A one-time effect.Permanent destruction of subcutaneous fat, direct reduction of fat quantity, no rebound. A one-hour treatment can reduce body circumference by an average of 2-6 cm, showing multiple effects of fat reduction, skin tightening and shaping. For severe local obesity, it takes 1-3 sessions to achieve the desired effect.