G5 Vibrating Cellulite Massage | Fat Loss Machine

High Frequency Vibration Massage Beauty Equipment applies the principle of physical vibration. Move the vibration head around when doing the massage, it feels like massage by hand; Match with different vibration heads and adjustable vibration speed, it can deep massage, dissolve fat and exercise muscles; Fast vibration press and push fat layer. Thus it can soften and dissolve fat deposit and expel redundant fat from body; It also can stimulate blood circulation and help blood vessel to be more clear; It can increase the elasticity of the skin by rhythm vibration massage and bring you a healthy and slender figure.

This vibration massage beauty equipment has a shaft which equipped with different shapes and material massage heads for different body part. Time can be set from 0-30 minutes.Beautiful design, safety and practical in use, it’s your ideal equipment.


Columu massage head: It acts as mass agist fingers. Pain can be relieved by pressing and vibraton with sharp things on painful areas. Muscle tension and hard fatness can be effectively eliminated. Fatness can be softened and loosed by vibration at 2400-4000 rotations per minutes.

Sprinkler Massage Head: It is used for improving rouhness, wrinkle and soft fatness. It also help to connect epidermis with deep fiber tissues to elimiate fatness amass. We suggest a speed at 1600-2400 rotations per min.


1)Promote blood circulation and enhance metabolism
2)Slimming and toning body
3)Relaxes and improves strength of the muscle.
4)Weight loss,Effect fatigue, tension, pain, relaxation


Voltage: AC100V-240V
G.W.: 15KG
Package : 100*44*41cm