3 in 1 Multifunction Beauty Machine Laser Elight IPL OPT RF ND Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

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E-light takes strong pulse IPL and bipolar radio frequency electromagnetic wave with special width-spectrum, selectively acts on target texture, to do skin rejuvenation, freckle removal, hair removal, wrinkle removal effectively. On treatment if 5 to 10 times than traditional photon therapy.

Any people who are eligible in using and maintaining can safely use this machine . Any operators and his/her assistants must know well the following safe notices and make sure both the operator and the customers are safe during the treatments.

Light energy performance
1. Single pulse energy: Jm ≥ 2000mj
2. Laser output instability: S ≤ ± 15%
3. Laser output energy reproducibility: Rj <10%
4. Output energy and energy display error: ≤ ± 20%
5. Surgery spot diameter: 1-4nm range continuously adjustable
6. Spot positioning focusing accuracy: the error ≤ ± 0.5mm
7. Multi-joint light guide arm adjustment range: ≥ 45 ° in the horizontal plane, the vertical height from the ground between 60cm – 80cm.

Technical Parameter
IPL system
Handle mode Filters handle, sapphire handle and high power handle
Spot size: 8*40mm2 or 15*50mm2
Energy density: 1-20J/cm2
Pulse frequency: 1~4S, adjustable
Pulse number: 1~6, adjustable
Pulse space: 05~99ms, adjustable
Sub-pulse width: 0.1~9.9ms, adjustable
Handle cooling temperature: -10°C~0°C, adjustable
Power: 2000W (Elight ) ; 1000W (Laser)
Lamp longevity: 200,000shots (IPL) 1,000,000shots(Laser)
Language English,Spanish,France .Italian ,German,Chinese

RF system
RF frequency 10MHZ
Energy density: 1-20J/cm2
Output mode: Bipolar
Energy 2~300J, adjustable
Handle cooling temperature: -10°C~0°C, adjustable
Cooling system: Air + Water + Semi-conductor cooling
Screen 8.4 inch true color touch screen
Power supply 110/240V+10% 60/50Hz
Size 75*48*120cm
Weight 69kg

Picosecond laser
Laser wavelength 1064nm/755nm/532nm/1320nm
Pulse Energy 2000MJ
Width of pulse 10-20ns
Frequency 1~10Hz
Spot Size 2~10mm
Cooling system Radiator, air+water-cooled
Light source 220V/110v 50Hz/60Hz