3 in 1 Pico DPL RF Beauty Device For Hair Removal Tattoo Removal Wrinkle Removal Skin Tightening

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3 in 1 DPL/OPT laser machine + picosecond laser + RF skin tighten

Scope of treatment:

DPL Handle: Quickly and efficiently solve facial pigmentation and telangiectasia (red face) problems with new narrow-spectrum light technology. Because the curative effect is significantly beyond the photorejuvenation, and the treatment cycle is significantly shortened, it has epoch-making significance in the field of optical cosmetic skin rejuvenation technology.
Pico Laser Handle: Tattoo removal, birthmark removal, eyebrow&lipline removal and black doll skin rejuvenation

RF Handle: Skin tightening and wrinkle removal

Technical Parameters:
Wavelength 1064nm &532nm&1320nm
Display 8.0 inch touch screen
Handpiece 1*DPL +1*RF +1*Pico laser
Spot size 15*50mm
IPL energy 0-50J /CM²
RF Energy 0-20J /CM²
Laser Energy 10-2000mj
Power 2500W
Cooling condition Emiconductor +air +water
Voltage input 100-240VAC ,50/60HZ

Technical parameter

DPL energy 1-50J/cm³
DPL pulse 8ms
DPL frequency 1-5p/s

RF (Radio Frequency):
RF handle size Diameter of handpiece: 43mm / 30mm / 15mm
RF frequency 3p/s
RF energy 1-20J/cm³
RF delay 50-2500ms
RF probe tempreture -2°C ~ 0°C

Pico laser:
Laser frequency 1-10p/s
Laser energy 1-2000mj
Laser shot 1064nm / 532nm / 1320nm /755nm honeycomb
Water alarm Yes
Tempreture alarm Yes
Machine screen 8 inches LCD digital touch screen
Cooling system Semiconductor + intelligent cooling + water + wind + gel
Voltage 110V-130V / 60Hz, 220V-240V / 50Hz
Machine size 500*530*1180mm
Machine weight 42Kgs