448KHZ Pain Relief Machine RET CET Radio Frequency Weight Loss Machine


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Product 448KHZ Pain Relief Machine
Voltage 110V/220V
Frequency 50/60hz
RF frequency 448k
Handles 2 pieces (CPA Handle & RES Handle)
Function wrinkle remover, skin tightening, fat removal, pain release
RES Treatment Heads 4 pcs
CPA RF Heads 4 pcs

CPA Mode:
Mainly for the skin and 3-5cm shallow tissue, the effect is firming and anti-aging, and help restore the elasticity of blood vessels, rebuild the microcirculation system, provide more nutrients for fibroblasts, and strengthen collagen synthesis, Increase the flow of cellular reactive oxygen species to restore cells and rebuild the reticular layer.

RES Mode:
RES mode positive and negative ion friction generates body heat, dissolve fat, and accelerates blood and lymph circulation metabolism. The biothermal effect causes the decomposition of fat cells into free fatty acids and glycerol, which are excreted through metabolism to achieve the effect of weight loss.

CPA Efficacy:
1) Promotion tightening, beautiful white and tender skin.
2) Controls dark sores and improves wrinkles.
3) Burns fat and reduces the pain.
4) Improves constipation and increases elasticity.
5) Tightened postpartum relaxation and relieves muscle pain.
6) To relax the stiff joints.
7) Was assisted with the import of the essence.

RES Effect:
1) Lymph Detox.
2) Blood circulation.
3) Repair of cells, nerve, skeletal, muscle, and ligament.
4) Regulates endocrine.
5) Improves sleep.
6) Brighten the skin tone.
7) Improves chest descent and hyperplasia problems.
8) Body shape and orange skin problems with the legs.
9) Weight Loss.
10) Burns visceral fat.

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