6 in 1 Facial Diamond Microdermabrasion Skin Rejuvenation Cuticle Exfoliators Acne Scar Removal Machine VBF06


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By heating pressure swing adsorption, (breaking through the traditional small bubble instrument technology, the microbubbles and the exclusive stock solution are fully combined, and the spiral tip directly acts on the skin surface, and the operation the medium temperature can reach up to 40 degrees, open the pores, soften the keratin, deep clean, blackhead, hydration and other multi-layer effects.)+plasma technology combined with ozone technology, plasma penetration improves sensitive skin, simultaneously generates high-frequency voltage, and oxygen in the electrolytic air produces ozone, which is effective in reducing inflammation, fungi, mites and acne in a short period of time, RF principle (by 2M and 4M frequency conversion cycle into the subcutaneous tissue to male subcutaneous tissue 50-65 degrees heat, stimulate collagen contraction and regeneration)+nano bio – wave technology, open the skin channel, combined with mutrients, produces nano-activity on the skin, which solves the problem of skin absorption and is painless and non-invasive.

Voltage 100V-240v 50Hz-60Hz
Power <60W
RF frequency Biopolar
Cold hammer temperature 1-5 degree
RF 1Mhz – 2Mhz
Positive pressure 3-4kg
Display 4.3 inch
Frequency of scrubber 27Khz
The temperature of hydrodermabrasion 35-45 degree adiustable
F06 function A,B,C,D,E,J,F

Cold hammer
Discharge of waste shrink pores firming skin promote collagen hyperplasia eliminate redness and sensitirity.

Skin scrubber vibrastion cleaning
The shovel handle uses high frequency vibration waves to soften skin keratinocytes deeply cleanse skin dirt.

Nano-american plastic micro-introduction
Designed with a peristaltic pump, the liquid does not touch the pump body. Bottle-mounted products are more convenient, and the nutrients are the rice form penetrates into the basal layer of the skin to improve skin absorption, the problem is to make the skin shiny, moist and white.

RF pole
Use 2M and 4M vabration frequency RF to enhance the eye and change good eye fime lines, eye swelling, restore eye sight.

High polymer water oxygen
Combine with liquid products, this the instrument produce oxygen-high water ion cells, quickly import inport the injection into the dermis.

Diamond dermabrasion
Diamond dermabrasion, blackhead removal, clean face etc.