EMS Slimming Machine | Losing Weight

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A-7003 Factory Price Portable Electrostimulation Faradic EMS Slimming Machine

1. weight loss & slimming
2. Tighten skin
3. Breast Care
4, infrared

1, slimming&weight losing:
Pulse micro-current makes tingle and contraction to muscle, consume and break down large quantity of lipocyte, put electro-patch on body point, adjust the function of jing and luo, limit the production of fattiness, promote fattiness break down and metabolize.

2, Tighten skin:
Pulse micro-current, promote skin vitality,accelerate metabolism of skin cell, micro-current simulate nerve,tighten and contract pore, make skin tender and shiny.

3, Breast care:
A. Pulse micro-current make breast muscle tingle and contraction, exercise chest muscle, make breast firm and forceful.
B. Put electro-patch on breast point, adjust jing and luo, regulate body internal secretion, stimulate the reproduction of female hormone, promote the second growth of breast.

4, Relax tiredness and strengthen immunity:
Pulse micro-current makes effect to full body, different mode makes a complete massage, accelerate blood circulation, relax and relieve muscle spasm.

1. Losing weight, slimming the body;
2. Improve pain of chronic inflammation, and relieve inflammation
3. Computerized body and breast faradic stimulation;
4. Treat cellulite on thighs, ankles, knees, stomach, buttocks, hips, hump of bison and arms: stimulate and make muscle do contracting exercise.
5. Tone up the muscles and micro muscles which support the derma.
6. Firm slack muscles and muscle mass.
7. Soften fat, burn fat, and slim body, fit for leg(arm),waist, belly parts.
8. Relax muscle, dispel tire, calm nerves.

Voltage:AC 110V / 220V 50-60Hz
weight: 6.5KG
Dimension: 43*44*26cm


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