G5 Vibration Massage Machine | Body Slimming Equipment

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A-A899 Mini G5 machine for personal use vibration massage machine body slimming equipment

This is kind of equipment used by professional beautician. Combining advantages of the same kind American and French product, it solves the problem of bad durability which exists generally in the same kind product. lt’s a high quality equipment used in cosmetology field with independent intellectual property. Having the characteristic of new design, simple operation and durability M-A868B is the best choice to be used in salon, hospital, gymnasium, school and family to refresh and rejuvenate the skin & body.

The characteristics of new desing, soft fitting device, efficiency and durability guarantee the flexible shaft of the equipment moves smoothly in any circumstance, The hard and light centrifugal vibrator is provided with several massage heads with different uses. It can be applied to fat removing, weight loss, skin grinding & cleaning, relax with massage and have recovery treatment, It will make you feel relax and refreshed.


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