Face Clean Beauty Machine | 8 in 1 Small Bubbles Facial Cleaning Machine

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A-S516 8 in 1 Small Bubbles Facial Cleaning Face Clean Beauty Machine

H2O2 Small Bubble which can effectively improve the oily skin of acne which with acidic pH. It can penetrate into skin cells, and effectively remove excess aging factors (free radicals) in the body, remove reactive oxygen species and convert harmful components into water, completely transform them into completely harmless water, and remove harmful active acids, a the same time replenish moisture (the instrument has a hydroelectric function to help the skin to punch holes, and it is easier to add water to the skin.

1- Hydra Pen(Water Microdermabrasion)
Improve stain, color sink, shrink pores, dark skin, yellowish, blackheads, deep cleansing, toning, enhance skin elasticity, luster, tender skin, etc.

2- Ultrasonic
Through 1 million to 3 million vibrations, the essence penetrates deep into the skin, gently massages cells, promotes metabolism, increases cell viability, and improves blood and lymph circulation.

3- Skin Scrubber vibration cleaning
Whitening, dead skin, blackhead removal

4- BIO Lifting( Microcurrent)
Improves fine lines on the eyes, enhances firmness, and brightens eyes

5.RF(Radio Frequency)
The deep heating of RF effects the electronics of tissue with the biological response of polarization electronic mobility by way of human tissues, resulting the electronics are formed as the molecules twist and crush against each other so that bio energy is produced, thereby bringing skin to warm in deep to stimulate the collagen produce contraction immediately, to stimulate the secretion of new collagen to fill the gap of losing collagen atrophy, and rearrange to rebuild skin soft frame, and ultimately firm up skin, remove wrinkle, restores the skin`s elasticity and luster.

6- Cold Hammer
Shrinks pores, tightens skin, removes wrinkles, promotes collagen hyperplasia, eliminates redness and sensitivity, and fades dark circles and bags under the eyes.

7- Hydrogen Oxygen( H2O2) Spray Gun
Combining with essence , the instrument produces oxy-hydrogen, which can be quickly penetrated into the dermis through high pressure injection.

8.Led Mask
1. Make the skin produce cosmetic efficacy of collagen, make skin bright and white, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
2. Tighten pores, improve the overall skin brightness, make the skin smooth and elastic recovery.
3. The desalt splash, red blood silk, accelerate improving problem skin and repair the skin after sunburn.
4. To promote the face blood circulation, lock the skin moisture.
5. Provide skin cell activation energy, accelerate the metabolism of skin, make skin keep like baby carefully.
6. Reduce acne inflammation, firming skin, particularly effective.

Machine Model A-S516
Power 500W
Vacuum range 80Kpa
Radio Frequency 1Mhz
Lon Lifting 500Hz (Digital Lon Lifting)
Ultrasonic 1Mhz/2W/cm2
Noise Level 45Db
Touch Screen 7 inch
Electrical 100-240Vac,50/60Hz(self-adaptive)
Weight 20 KG
Packing size 46*43*30 cm


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