Cryo Beauty Machine | EMS Eyes Lifting Machine


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B-001 EMS eyes lifting skin tightening cryo beauty machine

This slimming machine take advantage of the intolerance of cold of triglyceride, to dissolve the fat tissues by non-invasive cold energy precisely. The fat tissues would dissolve and expel from body by metabolic process. And it is non-invasive, so it won’t hurt the other part of our body. It is a best way to lose weight and shape your perfect body, it also can firm and tighten you body.

1.Remove intractable fat
2.Shift fat tissues and firming skin
3.Remove fine lines and eliminate edema
4.Shape a perfect and confidant body

Product name Cryo electroporation facial d cool machine
Rated voltage 110-220V
Frequency 50-60HZ
Power 72W
Probe diameter 37mm
Cool temperature 15°
Hot temperature 40°
Technology cool + hot + EMS

Packing size : 40*35*32 cm /Unit
Product Wegiht : 9KG / Unit


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