Spot Removal Machine | Pigments Removal Cautery Machine

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B-908B Portable Salon Needle age spot Removal cautery machine pigments removal cautery machine

1. Principle and Functions:
High-frequency Remove Spot Instrument applies high frequency electricity cautery technology, which can promote epidermal cell necrosis and remove various spots on the surface of skin and face instantly,such as age spots, freckles, granulation,no blood and no scars, obvious effects.

2.Core Technology :
1) High frequency coagulating current
2) Remove spoks and freckles
3) Remove pigmentation

3. Accessory
1) Main machine—-1pcs
2) Spot removal pen—-1pcs
3) Big needle—-1pcs
4) Small needle—-5pcs
5) Needle mount—-1pcs
6) Instruction—-1pcs

4. Operation Steps :
1) Disinfection, With 75% alcohol disinfection apparatus sweep spot
2) Connect the Wire, press power on the machine
3) Then adjust the current intensity
4) Hold the stick of the machine, be careful on the stains can be seen to be dissolved melanin.
5) After removing spots, rub some anti-inflammatory cream, can wipe the crust off.

Parameter—- Skin Electric Pigmentation Spot Removal Cautery Machine
Core Technology Electric Cautery
Power 10W
Voltage 100V/110V-220V/240V
Material ABS
Function Age Spots Removal,Freckles Removal,Dark Spots Removal,Pigmentation Removal
Packing Size 30*26*24cm/pcs
Gross Weight 4KG/pcs,36KG/carton
Net Weight 2KG/pcs,27KG/carton


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