Body Sculpting Machine | 360 Fat Vacuum Shaping Slimming Machine VBV2


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Using non-invasive focused ultrasound, the ultrasound probe delivers energy to the subcutaneous fat layer (1.3cm~1.6cm deep into the subcutaneous layer and deeper fat) to selectively shatter fat cells (just like an ultrasound focused extracorporeal lithotripter that shatters stones in the body) and excretes them with metabolism and lymphatic channels or excretory system, thus directly reducing the number of fat cells.

High energy focused ultrasound, bipolar radiofrequency, near infrared laser (Near infrared laser 940nm: more targeted to play the role of preheating, lipolysis, regulation of skin impedance, guide radio frequency energy for secondary heating to enhance the effect.)

The five technologies of vacuum,negative pressure, mechanical rolling, and skin folding are integrated into one, which is suitable for shaping and removing wrinkles in various parts of the body. The rotating roller structure accelerates the kneading and massaging effect on the skin tissue, effectively decomposing the subcutaneous fat and the squeezed capillaries and lymphatic vessels, promoting human metabolism and achieving the effect of weight loss and shaping.

Electric roller negative pressure liposuction combined with 200K strong sound wave burst fat, and radio frequency lipolysis, the body’s excess fat from fat shredding to lipolysis, and then to liposuction and fat transfer. Carry out a comprehensive fat reduction process to achieve the effect of body trimming and slimming. Combined with 200K focus strong acoustic wave radio frequency, the human body bionic current three core technologies as one of the high-tech beauty apparatus.