High Frequency Deep Care Body Slimming Machine

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What is 448K Indiba?
Spanish scientist Mr. Josep Calbet’s groundbreaking cancer core technology, initially designed for deep cancer cell temperature control, has evolved into the 448K Indiba. Operating at 448KHZ, it delivers energy deep into the body, enhancing internal temperature and immunity. Raising body temperature by just one degree can amplify immunity 5-10 times.

CAP Mode: Targets skin and shallow tissues (3-5cm), firming and anti-aging. Rebuilds microcirculation, enhances collagen synthesis, and restores elasticity.
RET Mode: Focuses on visceral fat, facilitating deep repair, dissolving stubborn fat, and reducing volume through circulation. Proven effective on face, eyes, neck, chest, and body.

CET Efficiency:
Tightens and beautifies skin.
Controls dark spots, improves wrinkles.
Burns fat, reduces pain.
Improves constipation, enhances elasticity.
Addresses postpartum relaxation, relieves muscle pain.
Eases stiff joints.
Aids in essence absorption.

RET Effectiveness:
Lymph detoxification.
Enhances blood circulation.
Cell, nerve, skeletal, muscle, and ligament repair.
Regulates endocrine system.
Improves sleep.
Brightens skin tone.
Addresses chest descent, hyperplasia.
Targets body shaping and cellulite.
Facilitates weight loss.
Burns visceral fat.