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RHP:The machine has 7 probes which can emit energy and several different waves, and these energy can cycle around in turn on 7 probes. Add facial bio electric energy, activate cells, restore skin elasticity, so as to solve some skin relaxation problems.

EMS:Can be used every day, especially for people who are prone to be edema and relaxation. It is safe, effective and widely used to stimulate muscle activity in the international clinical history.

RF: Focus on tissue and heat to the skin deep, promote the subcutaneous tissue collagen regeneration, improve the face
contour, the dermis is heated while the epidermis maintains a normal temperature, this time will produce two kinds of reactions. One is that the dermis of the skin becomes thicker and wrinkles become lighter or disappear. Second, the subcutaneous collagen shape remodeling, produce new collagen, skin becomes more firm after using.

LCD:According to the different skin problems, choose the corresponding light for treatment or soothing effect.

VR:It can promote product absorption, dredge meridians, calm and relieve pain, promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, adjust body functions, and promote product better absorption.