Home use Slimming Machine | Far Infrared Sauna Blanket for Weight Loss

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A-805 Home use Slimming Lymph Drainage Far Infrared Sauna Blanket for Weight Loss 

Far infrared slimming blanket
1) Infrared Thermal Blanket for weight reduction
2) Keep Slimming
3) Heat therapy slimming

This blanket is made of imported far infrared fiber, temperature accurately controlled by micro-computer program, digital display. What’s more, the user can set the temperatures of both sides of the blanket according to fat thickness of body.

Dissolve fat, slim body, help perspiration & detoxification, diminish inflammation, relieve hyperkinesias, build a sound body, fit for the whole body’s use.
1, To improve the blood circulation and enhance cells nourishments, make skin more fresh and active.
2, To use the infrared rays shining the body, make the power under skin transport into the heating power, the temperature of skins cells will increase, expend the blood vessel, burning the free and extra fatness inside skins, final get the reducing fatless and sliming body effect.

Caution of interrelated products
1, The products that you use together with the machine should be with the high quantity and safe function.
2, Don’t use the products with the eleements of alcohol, acid and alkali.
3, It’s necessary to use the moist and collagen products to protect the skin.
4, After the treatment, please use the sun block cream every day. It will be helpful if use the essence gel,but please use the gel with anti-irritability and diminish inflammation function.

G.W.: 9kg
Blanket size:180x80cm


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