IB-9001 Professional BIO Skin Lifting & Electricity Glove Beauty Instrument Skin care Machine

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Bio skin lifting & electric glove instrument evolves biological electrical simulation microwave electricity to all kind of imitates the biology micro-current in the body in the very elaborate microwave electric current.
The electrical simulation can reach the cell tissue through the skin and in the process the painful and uncomfortable feeling is not found. Like biology micro-current in the body, the sport and flow of the micro-current in the body is hardly felt. But this kind of biological electrical simulation can reach the inward of the cell, help the damaged and olden cell membrane potential to recover the balance, increase the electrical sport of the cell tissue, improve the cell’s metabolism and circulation, and then enhance the capacity of the cell tissue rehabilitation.
These waveforms are used separately to Epidermis, Dermis, Collagen and Muscle. The new nursing plan adopts the gradual course of treatment. When the basic treatment nursing is being preceded, every kind of waveform is exported separately toward every epidermis. However when improving the treatment nursing, intersected way of the Super Turbo Function that is invented firstly is adopted to expert. And the way can help the electrical sport, the metabolism, the circulation and the rehabilitation ability of the cell obtain four times effect at the same time; furthermore, the time operated shortened.

Wrinkles and shin loose without spring is always troublesome to the race that cares of beauty. Since the ancient, people have seeking the good prescription to smooth wrinkles, remover and keep skin tender, glossy of spring with stream to maintain youth. But stream is stream, in order to have a stream come true, the best way is to get hold of the scientific beauty rule with assistant treatment of professional instrument.

This kind of beauty technology is set up on the basis of the highly developed electrical technology industrial and biologic platforms, according to the research result in physiology that control action of people’s bioelectricity to movements of cell and muscle, transfer action to signal and leading action to moving system. People’s micro-energy bioelectricity is simulated by microcomputer to act to the human body from outside so as to promote muscle exercise, polarize cell, increase speed of bloodstream in micro-vein, and subserve mutably. At the same time, the ionizing penetration effect created from human body by micro-currents, with cooperation of essential success, bring water, spring albumen and things of nourishment into human body so that skin restores spring for the aim of wrinkle smooth, aesthetic white and soft skin. There is pretty well curative effect on wrinkle, gestation lines, scar, blank eye socket and slack breast.

The appliance panel is very convenient and easy to the operator. Containing 2500 procedures designed in advance and six groups of complex programs, and the output way includes BIO & Electricity glove Orthopedics unit is used with face slimming specially. According to the client’s different condition, select the corresponding treatment parameter, such as care-set and course etc.
Developing the basic treatment and improvement treatment by professional BIO programs. Developing eyes and tiny-skin treatment by professional BIO programs.
EMS lymphatic drainage control unit is used to drain toxin off lymph and tighten the loose muscles of face and neck specially.
Body massage ball system can lift the body muscle and tighten the body skin rapidly. Five groups of computer combinations

Voltage: 100V-120V, 220V-240V.
Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz.
Power: 40Watt

Packaging Details:
Approx. Measurement: 54X40X23 CM
Approx. Gross Weight: 5.5KG


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