Mini IPL Hair Removal Machine | IPL Home Device Skin Rejuvenation

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Product parameter
Product name Home used mini ipl hair removal machine
Power supply 100-240V, 50/60HZ
Operation heads 2pcs(HR & SR)
HR pulses 300000
SR pulses 100000
Energy level 5
Irradiation area 4cm²
Product size 18.2*7.8*15.1cm
Packing size 22.9*19.1*9.3cm
Net weight 0.32kg

1.5 energy levels adjustable.
2.With HR and SR operation heads.
3.HR operation heads with 300000 shots.
4.SR operation heads with 100000 shots.
5.Two kinds light emission ways.

Main Functions
1.Hair removal.
2.Skin rejuvenation.
3.Acne treatment.

How to use
1.Shave hair.
2.Connect power.
3.Power on: press on/off button.
4.Adjust level.
5.Wear eye protector.
6.Set light emission way.
hand light emission: for small area hair removal.


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