Monopolar Radio Frequency For Body Cellulite Fat Slimming Beauty Equipment VBRT8


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Although it is RF, it is not the traditional RF technology.

Using the equivalent sine wave technology(EQT), the waveform consistency is enhanced, and the energy keep consistent, so ensures that the energy continues to output steadily. And the addition of cooling technology to ensure that the dermis in the most gentle way, the subcutaneous tissue can reach 65-75 degrees. Under the premise of ensuring maximum safety, the optimal effect is achieved, achieving facial skin lifting, reducing wrinkles, delaying cellular aging, rejuvenating facial skin, improving shape, improving stretch marks, reduces cellulite, and reshaping the face skin and the body is becoming younger! Easily delay aging in
the cool and warm.

Feature of the machine :
1.The most famous and advance technology of 20mhz radio frequency, really different the traditional radio frequency.
2. Effective treatment result after the first treatment instant, radio frequency energy can penetrates deep skin tissue and achieves instant good treatment result.
3. The good treatment result can last for 2-3years.
4. Non-invasive treatment, safe and no side effect.
5. Super comfortable during the whole treatment, never happen electric shock caused by the improper operation of traditional RF.

1. Skin tightening of sagging skin
2. Wrinkle removal around eyes, nose,forehead, mouth, neck, hand etc.
3. Body contouring
4. Stretch marks removal
5. Body Fat Melting