N-CR200 Skin Rejuvenation System RF Skin Care Facial Machine

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N-CR200 Skin rejuvenation system RF skin care facial machine

1) RF-Radio Frequency
Radio Frequency The albumin layer which heats up to 40-65°C has the nature contractibility. When the RF (radio frequency) electric wave acts on the body, the cation and anion of irregular distribution inside the epicyte tend towards to each anode or cathode. When the polarities of RF electric wave change, the cation and anion tend towards to each anode or cathode. The heat of friction is produced in the cell through the shift. When a temperature of the partial organization’s is over 65°C, the expansion of artery and capillary vessel can improve the blood circulation and enhance the metabolism.

2) Needle Free Mesotherapy
No-needle mesotherapy seeks to achieve the same aim as injection mesotherapy and thus is targeted at the same treatment indications, such as skin rehydration and toning as well as cellulite and fat reduction treatments. It uses a pulsed low frequency electric current to deliver active ingredients into the skin.It uses a pulsed low frequency current, whose intensity is adjustable and delivers a particular waveform which ionises the molecules in the active ingredients used in the treatments, and creates small channels in the skin for the ingredients to travel down.


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