New arrival 8 in 1 jet peel diamond oxygen facial machine – anti-aging skin care beauty oxigen facial machine jet derma VB474

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8 in 1 Oxygen Facial Beauty Machine

Product Parameter
Product name 8 in 1 Oxygen Facial Beauty Machine
Model number VB474
Type Desktop
Handle quantity 7pcs
Technology Ultrasonic, bi-pole RF, water dermabrasion + vacuum cleaning, nano spray, ion, plasma
Operating handle
Water dermabraion handle, plasma handle, ion handle, eye ultrasonic handle, face ultrasonic handle, bi-pole RF handle, nano spray handle
Ion clamp 1 set (4pcs)
Voltage AC110V-240V
Ion frequency 65KHz
RF frequency 1MHz
Ultrasonic frequency 1MHz
Screen 7-inch color touch screen
Output power 200W
Package size 57*45*34cm
Package weight 10kg

Working Principle
1. Bi-pole RF: Generate heat to accelerate collagen regeneration to remove wrinkles, firm skin and increase skin elasticity.
2. Ultrasonic: Activate cells, accelerate metabolism and promote cell permeability to help absorb skin care products.
3. Nano spray: Atomize nutrients to improve absorption for skin moisturizing, whitening and brightening.
4. Water dermabrasion + vacuum cleaning: cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously, combining vacuum to suck out dirt.
5. Ion: Open up pores to improve the absorption of skin care products.
6. Plasma: Ionize and restructure substance, activate cells for anti-inflammation, sterilization, skin brightening, wrinkle, acne removal and improving nutrient absorption.

Product Features
1. 7 operating handles —— of different technologies for different functions.
2. 4 ion clamps —— used with skin care mask to improve nutrient absorption.
3. Special eye ultrasonic handle —— small operating head for treatment around eyes.
4. Face care ultrasonic handle —— for facial wrinkle removal and skin firming.
5. Nanoscale spray —— atomize nutrients for better absorption.
6. Start button on each handle —— for more convenient operation.
7. 15 intensity levels adjustable —— meeting different individual needs.
8. Unique artistic appearance —— in mint green meaning young and living.

Main Functions
Skin cleaning
Skin brightening
Skin moisturizing
Skin lifting and firming
Acne removal
Wrinkle removal
Blackhead removal
Improving nutrient absorption
Anti-inflammatory sterilization