Portable Ultramage Plus 7d hifu facial ultra anti-wrinkle focused ultrasound former hifu 7d machine VB482

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Product Parameter
Product name 2-Handle 7D HIFU Lifting & Slimming Machine
Technology High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
Type Desktop
Operating voltage AC100V-240V 50-60Hz
Handle quantity 2pcs
Cartridge 7pcs
Shot 20,000 shots per cartridge
Depth 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 13mm
Mode Single shot / Continuous mode
Length 5-25mm
Package size 40*29*53cm
Gross weight 17kg

With 7 different cartridges, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound accurately delivers heat energy (65℃ – 75℃) to deep skin layers of different depths to stimulate collagen regeneration to increase skin elasticity, improve skin texture, reduce sagging skin, achieving the results of wrinkle removal, skin lifting and tightening, etc. for both face and body. It can also target subcutaneous tissues to selectively destroy localized fat cells beneath the surface skin layer without harming surrounding tissues meanwhile promoting skin metabolism and blood circulation, so as to realize the effects of body slimming, abdomen firming, buttock and breast lifting, etc.

Cartridges (20,000 shots)

Face Lift
1.5mm —— Penetrate epidermis to reduce fine lines, shrink pores and improve skin texture in thinner tissue, e.g. eye zone, forehead.
2.0mm —— Specially designed for wrinkle removal around eyes and mouth.
3.0mm —— Penetrate deep dermis, accelerating collagen regeneration to lift skin, shrink pores and reduce wrinkles, targeting cheeks and chin.
4.5mm —— Penetrate subcutaneous SMAS layer to tighten and lift skin, targeting thicker skin, e.g. cheeks, neck, etc.

Body Slimming
6.0mm —— For double chin removal and body skin tightening.
9.0mm —— For skin tightening on abdomen, breasts and legs.
13.0mm —— For abdomen and buttock tightening.

Multiple Treatment Areas
Eye area
Double chin

1.7 cartridges of different depths —— for precise treatment on different body parts.
2.20,000 shots per cartridge —— long lifespan.
3.5.5MHz 2.0mm eye probe —— for skin lifting and wrinkle removal around eyes and mouth.
4.Multiple applicable sites —— eye area, forehead, cheeks, neck, arms, thighs, hips, etc.
5.Continuous / single-shot mode —— according to personal preference.
6.Instant & long-lasting effect —— body slimming and skin tightening.
7.Safe & professional —— non-invasive, no side effect.


Skin Lift:
Reduce neck lines
Lift & tighten skin
Reduce crow’s feet
Remove double chin
Reduce under-eye bags
Reduce nasolabial folds
Reduce forehead wrinkle

Body Shaping:
Firm abs
Lift breasts
Lift buttocks
Remove cellulite
Slim arms and legs