Professional Skin Analyzer with Camera VBAL01

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Professional Medical Skin Analyzer Machine with 36 million HD Camera imported from America

AISIA skin analyzer compared with the market ones with the same price:

1. shooting angle, we can choose to shoot the left middle right face and have quantitative indicators and data, and the second shot can be intelligently positioned to the last image location, the same price either no side face shot, some can shoot the side face but no side face data analysis and can not locate the last shot location.

2. We are the United States imported cameras and include flat, other Apple systems need to purchase their own Apple tablet, the host no camera, no camera cost.

3. image clarity and magnification, our image magnification times clarity up to 50-200 times, other magnified image blur.

4. spectrum of penetration, our blue light, UV light, Wood’s light can clearly see the deep problem, other UV light and Wood’s light is basically the same.

5. We are the first domestic use of Bergman skin typing

6. comparative analysis we that can data comparison, but also image comparison, the same price only image comparison, look at the map.

7. upgrade service, we regularly upgrade, free of charge for life. Some software outsourcing, there is no software upgrade function, some skin meter software within the part of the function need to pay, upgrade also need to pay separately.