R10 Mini design portable EMS muscle stimulator rf skin tightening machine

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Working Principle
Radio frequency instrument applies to the skin with 8.6 million times per second, high-speed RF technology , and the molecules within the skin generates heat after they do high-speed movement with the RF, Skin tissues can synthesize a large number of new synthetic collagen after the massive absorption of heat energy, Wrinkles will be smoothed after they get a lot of new collagen, and simultaneously the skin organization is tightened, make the skin rapid return to the young and healthy state, so as to achieve smooth out wrinkles and tightening of the skin, delaying the senescence of skin beauty effect.
Positive and negative ion convection reflow circuit is formed, forming a network of 20 * 20mm electromagnetic field into the subcutaneous tissue through the skin surface, In the effect of high-frequency and dot 1mhz electrode , it produces resonance with human cells and in the high-frequency and dot 1mhz electrode effect accelerates the metabolism, activates the collagen cell regeneration, so as to achieve anti-wrinkle , scratches-removing and other effects.

Features and functions
*RF Through the Transtech Services technology to control the frequency of 1 to 3 million hertz of the multi-polar radio frequency energy into the skin bottom, and the mesh layer to produce heating benefits to 65 degrees Celsius, more accurate, more comfortable, deeper skin skin problems.
*Deep Import RF has a strong deep into the function, with the “active gene repair function,” the essence or skin care products to do deeper into the care effect will be better in the two under the action of skin deep collagen regeneration to soft tissue reconstruction.
*Red light is the longest wavelength of all light, has a strong permeability, can penetrate the human body 15 cm.When the red light is absorbed by body tissues, will produce a soothing effect And beneficial to the human body heat, repair human cells.
Tighten the skin, shrink pores.Deep wrinkle, modification of facial contours, remove the double chin, face-lift.Activation of collagen cells, increase skin elasticity and shine whitening


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