2 in 1 IPL Elight Diode Laser Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Hair Removal Machine

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Treatment principle:
Rox Anderson and John Parrish, “the principle of selective photothermolysis”, the shorter the laser action time, the target tissue to absorb the accumulation of laser energy is less likely to spread to the surrounding tissue, the energy was limited extent In the target treatment needs to protect the surrounding normal tissue, so the treatment of the stronger the selectivity. Picosecond laser pulse width is only one hundredth of the traditional Q-switched nanosecond laser, its excellent performance to ensure that picosecond laser pulse crushing of pigment particles more thoroughly, while the surrounding tissue damage.

Light energy performance
1. Single pulse energy: Jm ≥ 1500mj
2. Laser output instability: S ≤ ± 15%
3. Laser output energy reproducibility: Rj <10%
4. Output energy and energy display error: ≤ ± 20%
5. Surgery spot diameter: 1-4nm range continuously adjustable
6. Spot positioning focusing accuracy: the error ≤ ± 0.5mm
7. Multi-joint light guide arm adjustment range: ≥ 45 ° in the horizontal plane, the vertical height from the ground between 60cm – 80cm.

Number of treatments
The number of treatment of specific patients by the concentration of the lesion pigment concentration, depth, pigment composition, the amount of laser treatment for each treatment, the patient’s macrophage pigment particles on the absorption of the body Circumstances and other factors. General exogenous pigment to be more than 1 treatment, endogenous pigment to be more than 3 times to obtain satisfactory results, a small number of patients after repeated treatment is still not satisfactory.