RF Weight Loss | Vacuum Slimming Machine


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A-70 New Arrival RF Weight Loss Feature Vacuum Slimming Machine

Limb probes: applied to the arms, thighs and narrow areas while using radio frequency, vacuum and LED to promote circulation, accelerate metabolism, is the current search for flow to increase the effect of toxins to remove dissolved fats
Facial probe: applied to face, eye and neck lymphatic drainage technology, dynamic pulsation There are four types of pulsed negative pressure
Body probe: Apply a large fat area of 0.8M or advanced multi-level and RF dynamic pulsation while using RF, vacuum and LED

1. Relieve fatigue and promote metabolism
2. Massage detoxification dredge lymph, promote circulation
3. Elimination of swelling, edema, and brightening of eye color
4. Contour enhancement lifts the face and reproduces facial contours
5. Slimming and reducing fat, eliminating subcutaneous fat and damage promote circulation to clear internal fa


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