Cavitation Pro-1 Super Power Digital Skin Care Machine

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Cavitation Pro-1 Super Power Digital Skin Care Machine

The Cavitation Pro-1 will help you and your clients get rid of fat, shape your body, and lose weight. Unlike liposuction, cavitation uses ultrasound to break down fat cells in the body so they can be removed naturally through metabolism. This non-invasive treatment has become extremely popular and clients can see results after the very first session. However, for best results, it is recommended that clients have weekly treatments for a month or two until their weight-loss goals are achieved.

Noticeable results after the first treatment
Non-invasive, comfortable, and pain-free
Machine is easy to operate
Treatments are short

Deep Probe: 25KHz
Middle Probe: 4KHz with photon
Energy: 1-3w/cm22
Voltage: 110v
Power: 120w
Frequency: 25k + 40KHz
Active Surface: 20cm2
Functional Pressure: 500mbar -1060mbar
Dimensions: 21.3”L x 16”W x 9”H


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