Air Pressure Pressotherapy Slimming Machine | Far Infrared Sauna & De-toxin Massage Machine

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A-7005 Far infrared Sauna & De-toxin massage machine Air pressure Pressotherapy slimming machine

Air pressure detoxin:
Air pressure can promote lymph circulation and drain away waste inside the body. It differs from the traditional vibration treatment. It uses air bag to give a full pressure to exercise body fat. With the help of the instrument, beauticians use different massage ways to customers, to help them accelerate lymph circulation and drain out waste, and keep lymph system run smooth.
Air pressure applies soft air pressure to make massage to body, it will not make any hurt and uncomfortable feeling to body. Meanwhile, the pressure is equal to 50kg, which effect on belly 30 minutes is equal to 150 times sit-ups.

Far infrared sauna:
Fat dissolve: Far infrared heat directly makes effect to fat tissue, make fat cell dissolve and liquify.
Fat contract: Far infrared heat focus to increase temperature of body, expand skin pores, drain away mass sweat. As the water of fat cell is drained out, the volume of fat cell is reduced.
Relax muscles: Far infrared heat can reduce the muscle extensions, relief muscle convulsion.
Others: Diminish inflammation, calm down pain, stimulate tissue regeneration, and soften scars.

Pressotherapy operation steps:
Air detoxin treatment operation steps:
1. Connect the accessory to the mainframe
2. Power on the machine.
3. Adjust air pressure MODE.

Mode 1: Air pressure output one by one.
Four air pressure output one by one. When the first output finish inflate to first group of air bags, the second output start to inflate to second group of air bags, according to the order goes on.
Mode 2: Air pressure output two by two.
Two air pressure output inflate to two groups of air bags. This mode is suitable to make treatment for arms and waist.
Mode 3: All air pressure output together.
All air pressure output work at the same time to inflate to four groups of air bags.
Mode 4: Only two group of air pressure output.
4. Select air inhale & exhale speed from 1 to 5.They represent 6s, 9s, 12s, 15s, 20s. (6s means air inhale 6 seconds and exhale 6 seconds and so on.)
5. Select INTENSITY to adjust air pressure intensity. Press START/STOP to start or pause air pressure function.

Far infrared treatment operation steps:
Adjust the far infrared temperature by pressing UP/DOWN. The temperature range is from 35’C-75’C.Pls adjust it based on customer’s feeling, but usually the treatment temperature should not more than 45’C. After 5 seconds of temperature setting, the system will go back to display current working temperature. If there is a red point on the temperature display, it means the temperature still not to the setting data, if the red point disappears, it means the temperature has reached the setting data. Press START/STOP to start or stop far infrared function.
After the treatment is done, power off the machine, clean and sterilize the accessory and reserve it for next treatment.

Voltage: 110V/220V
Power: 180W
Package: 46*30*70cm


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