IB-9003 Three Parts Far Infrared Heated Sauna Blanket

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The unique, separable, three temperature zone structure makes it possible for customized program for reducing fat at abdomen, waist, and leg. Other features include safe voltage independent control for three temperature zones, safeguarding device, and reinforced waterproof etc.
The carpet asks for very little floor space for installation, and is easy to carry with or operate. It is especially suitable for beauty salon and beauty shop that has small floorage. The product can adjust the temperature at the range of 40 -85 and the blanket voltage is 36v.

Caution of interrelated products:
1.The products that you use together with the machine should be with the high quantity and safe function.
2.Don’t use the products with the element of alcohol, acid and alkali.
3.It’s necessary to use the moist and collagen products to protect the skin.
4.After the treatment, please use the sun block cream every day.It will be helpful if use the essence gel, but please use the gel with anti- irritability and diminish inflammation function.

1. It is helpful to achieve desired effect in assist of effective slimming products as well as point massage
2. Envelope necessary region by fresh preserver before dressed in slimming cloth can maintain cloth clean.

Voltage: 100V-120V, 220V-240V.

Packaging Details:
Approx. Measurement(machine/blanket): 53X40X23 CM/91X48X12CM
Approx. Gross Weight(machine/blanket): 7KG/4KG


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