Portable Fractional Plasma Pen For Acne Treatment

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Two in one RF EMS Plasma Beauty Instrument
Two in one RF EMS Plasma is a multifunctional device that combines two patented technologies. It consists of two handles (hands) and a variety of replaceable accessory probes.
One of the RFEMS handles can stimulate muscle contraction, activate cells, and help Muscle repair, promote
blood circulation and improve lymphatic drainage, improve facial contour and skin tone, tighten skin, achieve non-invasive facial lifting and anti-aging.
The second plasma handle can be used to treat skin regeneration, remove skin protrusions or warts, remove moles, freckles and wrinkles. It can also help repair stretch marks, repair pits and scars.
The core of its technology lies in the treatment probes, each of which is specially designed to maximize treatment effectiveness while minimizing downtime.

Name 2 in 1 RFEMS Plasma Machine
Technology RFEMS + Plasma
Service OEM / ODM
Voltage 110V/220V 50-60Hz
Power 10-60W
Handles 2 Handles
Plas multi-function tip 4 tip standard
Size 39X44X42 cm

An integrative system based on two energies RF and Fractional Plasma for skin regeneration.

Fractional Plasma for minimally invasive microsurgery and RF DiatermoContraction to reach deeper dermal layers and muscles.

Multilayered treatment options for a full skin regeneration:
– Face resurfacing
– Décolletage revitalization
– Muscle toning
– Soft tissue coagulation
– Minimally invasive microsurgery